About Me

I am a self taught web developer with two weeks left of my bachelor's degree in graphic design. Starting in December 2018,  I will start my Masters in Cyber Security. I've been teaching myself web development for over four years. This was initially through WordPress and Shopify; however, I attended a web development bootcamp last year and have since been coding my own solutions. I am most versed with NodeJs and Javascript but I can quickly become an asset with these languages:

● Reactjs
● Golang

Along with these languages, I am working towards certification with AWS. I also have hundreds of completed videos on Lynda.com, Udemy, Khan Academy, and the AWS training website.

Have fun,
Christopher Fox


I am a very motivated, self-taught web developer with knowledge of Golang, ReactJs, Javascript, HTML, CSS, RESTful api's, Express, and NodeJS. Currently, I am exploring various computer science topics and data structure solutions. Kali Linux also has my interest.


I will have my BA for Graphic Design in October 2018. I have played around with the creation of various print material, but I am very interested in the UX considerations surrounding web design. VR is also extremely fascinating to me at the present moment.


I regularly perform spoken word poetry and try to tell stories when I can. I enjoy being in front of people and working with crowds. I have well over 200 pages of various scripts, a few plays being worked on, a completed novel, and a collection of short stories near completion.